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Developed by John F Barnes, PT this form of myfascial release uses gentle sustained pressure that reaches deeper than other forms of bodywork. The body knows how to heal when it is provided the right stimulus. This type of myofascial release uses pressure that meets the barrier of resistence using sustained pressure for AT LEAST 3-5 minutes. As the body experiences this gentle pressure it trainsformes the pressure to electricity that flows throught the connective tissue (myofascia) until it comes to pain sensitive areas where it is then able to reduce restrictions caused by past trauma and allowes that tissue to open up (release). This is a highly specialized form of therapy that has its birth in Physical Therapy and  can be extreamly effective.

Unlike Massage there is no gliding along the skin so there is also no use of oils. Since this work is not done in typical massage fashion there are a few things you should know. At times there will be movement involved in techniques and therefore when recieving Myofascial Release (MFR) the client will be on top of the sheets. The appropriate dress for female clients is something akin to a two piece bathing suit (shorts and a sportsbra typically work well for this) and shorts for men. 

“Every day I look around and see people feeling sick and in pain. Seeing this breaks my heart. Let’s work together to find the answer to your pain!”

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Devine Hands Therapeutic Bodywork is dedicated to providing therapeutic massage techniques to the residents of Bulloch County, Evans County, Candler County  and surrounding communities in GA.  Located in Statesboro, GA we have clients come to us from all over the area including Georgis Southern University and the towns of Brooklet, Metter, Twin City, Pembroke, Claxton, Millen, Sylvania, Springfield, Guyton, Oliver, Lyons & Vidalia.  We even have clients that come all the way from Savannah and Augusta!